Our interface has changed a lot over time. It can be interesting to go back and see the phases we have gone through.

Jan 2014 - A simple prototype with a few technical indicators, controlled using hotkeys. Only updated hourly.

Feb 2014 - Introduced a websocket-powered order book.

Mar 2014 - New layout which allowed for better orderbook view and trade feed.

Jun 2014 - Added live tickers as a form of navigation between exchanges.

Aug 2014 - Added user accounts, and conforming to the popular red/green default color scheme.

Oct 2014 - Interface redesign that killed the left column and replaced it with a dropdown menu.

Dec 2014 - Added drawing tools.

Mar 2015 - Redesigned sidebar and customizable sticky tickers.

Jun 2015 - Redesigned frame in anticipation of multi-chart support and trading interface.

Sep 2015 - Introduced a generic trading interface that works on a handful of exchanges.