Business Inquiries

Exchanges looking to be added to our platform can contact us at

Other business inquiries are also welcome, however please keep in mind that there are certain things we will not do:

  1. We will not sell or grant access to user data in any form
  2. We will not display advertisements or sponsorships of any kind
We have these guidelines to ensure our service remains impartial and pleasant to use.

Exchange Integration Requirements

Exchanges interested in being added to our platform should make sure they provide a reliable HTTP API for fetching data about their trades and order book. A popular spec that works well is the Bitcoin Charts Market API.

Having a Websocket API in addition to an HTTP API is not required, but it provides a big advantage as it makes your data feeds look much more "real time". It is also more bandwidth efficient. Coinbase has the best example of a Websocket API that we have seen.